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Friday, August 28, 2020

Aggie Weekly- August 28th

Good Morning Students, Parents, and Community Members:

As we prepare to go back to school (Hooray!), we held two virtual meetings last night to help clarify our expectations.  Please watch the video(es) if you were not able to attend the live sessions.  There is valuable information that was discussed and the audience asked excellent questions that you may also have asked.  We look forward to seeing our students in person (Freshman and Seniors) and virtually (Sophomores and Juniors) on September 17th.  Stay tuned for more information.  

BCAHS Fall Reentry Plan (Updated 8.28.20)

Virtual Town Hall Meeting 8.27.20:   It was a great meeting with you virtually yesterday through Zoom and FB live.  Thank you for attending. We had approximately 130 students and parents joining us.  Here are the resources from the meeting: 

Gilbert Hall Hallway Diagrams (Virtual Town Hall Presentation Slide 16): Videos are embedded into the arrows to provide more clarification.  NOTE: Links do not work on the images below as they are screenshots.  Please access the Virtual Town Hall Presentation starting on slide 16.  

Freshman Orientation 8.27.20

  • Freshman Orientation Presentation

  • Stay Informed

    • School Website

    • Check PowerSchool at minimum every two weeks (that’s when teachers are required to update their grades)

    • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and the Blog which hosts our weekly newsletter.  Please see directions below on how to stay connected. The blog also features our Twitter and Facebook so you can stay informed about both at the same time.  

  • Expectations

    • Cell Phones: Off/Out of Sight → Saturday Detention

    • Attendance: Students are allowed 3 unexcused absences/ 4 unexcused = Saturday Detention

    • Dress Code: No low cut tops, ripped jeans, and wear boots in the shop (hard soled boots).  Remember when you come to BA, you come to work!

  • PTO: Join the PTO and get involved. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved.  Online apparel website coming soon.

  • Why did you choose BA?

    • Remember we have high expectations.  Don’t ask us to break our rules for your child. 

    • Discipline is fair, firm, and consistent. 

  • It Takes a Village: We need your help! Stay involved and don’t think that just because your child is in high school you do not need to be involved.  Check grades ever 2 weeks on PowerSchool.  If you do not have access, contact Mr. Higgins (BHiggins@bcahs.com). 

    • In addition to your continued support our determination as a staff, and our core values allow us to build students who have grit and strong ethic.  

  • Rigorous Academics

    • 100% Graduation rate

    • 100% pass the MCAS

    • Advanced Placement = college credit

      • ELA: AP Literature

      • History: AP World

      • Science: AP Biology

      • Math: AP Statistics (2021)

  • BA After Dark: Once after school activities resume, we encourage students to get involved.

  • Fresh Start: You get to decide who you want to be. We offer several opportunities for success.  Seize the moment.  Remember you were 120 out of 420 applicants.

  • Transportation Services:

    •  Families Transportation Letter 

    • Bus Routes will be available at https://bristolaggie.org/transportation/ by Friday September 4, 2020 

    • Review your Bus routes and stops!  Understand due to the DESE Guidance for Transportation and the limitation of Seating capacity on the Buses Bristol Aggie will not have much flexibility to make any changes to bus stops. 

    • Everyone must wear a mask at the bus stop and on the bus. 

    • Please pre-screen your child prior to going to the bus stop

    • We cover 500 square miles so specific bus stop requests will make it very difficult to accommodate. 

    • Central locations: Families are required to provide transportation to the hubs if your local city or town does not provide transportation (Assonet, Attleboro, Freetwown, Dighton/Rehoboth, Swansea, New Bedford, Westport)

    • Mandatory Bus Transportation Form due after Bus routes are provided to parents.  The form also needs to be complete regardless of using Bristol Aggie Buses. I.e. if your child is dropped off and picked up, driving themselves to school or walking the form needs to be completed by September 30, 2020. Returned back to the Main office.  

  • Food Service

    • Cost: 

      • Breakfast: $1.50 (reduced $.30)

      • Lunch: $3.00 (reduced $.40)

      • Pre-pay system coming soon! 

    • Lunch Schedule (Hybrid Re-entry Model):

      • Monday & Thursday Rotation (Freshman/Senior)

        • 1st Lunch (Freshman): 10:30-11:15 am

        • 2nd Lunch (Seniors):  11:25-12:10 pm

      • Tuesday & Friday Rotation (Soph/Junior)

        • 1st Lunch (Soph): 10:30-11:15 am

        • 2nd Lunch (Junior):  11:25-12:10 pm

    • Assigned Seating 

      • Students on the first day will choose their seat and then the seat will be assigned for the term.  This will allow for dismissals for Lunch service and social distancing during periods when the students are moving around in the indoor or outdoor seating areas of the cafe. 

  • Student Services

    • Join the SEPAC- Stay tuned for more information

    • Any medications need to go through the nurse (CCourville@bcahs.com)

    • After School Programs: Temporarily on hold

      • EXTENDS: Academic support

      • MCAS Boot Camp: Students are identified and invited to attend

      • Wednesday: All teachers are available to provide support (on hold/will be done virtually)

Stay Connected! Stay Informed!

We have instituted an additional means of communication through the Bristol Aggie Blog.  This blog allows students, parents, staff, and community members to stay informed of what is happening at Bristol Aggie.  You can sign up for daily emails to ensure you don’t miss anything! You can also view the calendar feature which lists all the events that are happening at BA daily.  During Parent & Freshman Orientation yesterday, we encouraged parents to sign up for the blog! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Braga (KBraga@bcahs.com). 


Freshman Academy: Click here for the full article in the Sun Chronicle

DIGHTON — On Monday, for the first time in over five months, Bristol County Agricultural High School welcomed incoming freshmen for a socially distanced introduction to the campus.

Students were able to meet their classmates, review their schedules and log on to their school accounts.

“In a school like Bristol Aggie, it is really important for students to make connections with their classmates before walking in on the first day of school,” said Assistant Principal Brian Higgins, who organized Monday’s Freshmen Academy.

“The class of 2024 pulls from 29 local cities and towns throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. The class is so diverse geographically that connecting with just a few classmates at this event makes a major impact, especially during times like these,” he said.

The students were greeted by Assistant Superintendent/Principal Kevin Braga, who stressed how “exciting it was to have students back on campus. Students are what bring this campus to life.”

Bristol Aggie will begin its school year in the middle of September using a hybrid model. Only half of the student population will return to school on designated days for in-person learning while the other half is learning remotely.

Before the start of the Freshmen Academy, Bristol Aggie Superintendent, Adele Sands greeted the students by saying they were “entering into a new school with a new way of learning and it is going to offer you endless possibilities and an incredibly unique learning opportunity.

“I cannot wait to see what you do with this opportunity.”

MSBA Update: As we prepare for the start of the school year, new (temporary) pavement has been added to Gilbert Hall for staff and student parking.  The CSE and Student Commons have come a long way since March.  We are looking forward to the completion in January when we will transition into that new space.  

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