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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 31st

  • There are NO 5:00 late buses today.
  • Lifetouch photo retakes are Wed., Nov. 1st in the auditorium.
  • Tomorrow's Lunch is:Pasta Bar w/assorted sauces or Plain Pasta, Roasted Broccoli, Fresh Garden Salad, & Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday, October 30th

  • There are NO 5:00 late buses today.
  • Boys Soccer game, BA @ Upper Cape, dismissal @ 1:40.
  • Peer Mentor breakfast in cafeteria from 8:30-9:56.
  • Tomorrow's Lunch is: Grilled Cheese Or Bagel Lunch w/yogurt & cheese, H.M. Soup, Fresh Garden Salad & Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits
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Friday, October 27, 2017

Aggie Weekly- October 27th

Aggie Weekly
Good Afternoon, Students, Parents, and Community Members:
We would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s Fall Show! We would like to congratulate all of the students on their impressive exhibits.  We are proud to showcase their student achievement and we heard nothing but positive feedback from attendees! In addition, our FFA teams went to Indianapolis this week for the nati
onal competition.  

Halloween Expectations: On Tuesday, we will allow students to celebrate the festivities.  In order to be in compliance with our dress code policy, students will not be able to wear any masks or bring in any weapons simulated or otherwise.  If any costume is done in poor taste, we will require that the student change their attire.  All determinations are final with administration.  

90th National FFA Convention and Expo: Click here for a live feed #ICanWeWillFFA
Assistant Principal Mrs. Van Rotz (FFA Co-Advisor), Natural Resource Management Teacher Mr. Caswell (FFA Co-Advisor), Animal Science Teacher Mr. Flynn, and Floriculture Teacher Ms. Harootian took 26 students to Indianapolis on Tuesday to compete in the 90th National FFA Convention.   

“The convention will host over 60,000 FFA members from across the country participating in general sessions, competitive events, educational tours, leadership, workshops, an expo and shopping mall, volunteer activities and more.  It is one of the largest annual student conventions in the world.  

The National FFA Expo is the only Agricultural, Food Science and Natural Resource Education Show that brings you 47,000 high school students and 4,000 agriculture teachers, all in one place, and all in just three days! No other event can deliver the future buying power of our more than 500,000 National FFA members, advisors and guests.” (from the www.ffa.org)

Dighton, Massachusetts
October 20, 21, 22, 2017


Class 1 Landscape exhibits featuring, but not limited to Chrysanthemums.
1.  Alyssa Audette, Lucy Bettencourt, Zoe Costello, Kaylee Jarry, Kayla Johnston,                       Robert Marriott, Nick Marvel, Connor Phillips, & Jordan Sharp

2. Matt Heller, Justyn Rebello, Kody Rotondo, Austin Russell, Matt Schlosser, Jacob Soares, & Jack Tickel
3. Madison Dillon-Abrantes, Hannah Fowler, Brianna Gosselin, Delaney Kellard, Sadie Santsaver, Alexia Whittle

     Class 2C NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – (Wildlife)
1. Allison Gosselin
2. Summer Lieberman
3. Emily Mills
4. Cavan Botelho

1. Mia Vargas
2. Ethne Puccio
3. Laura Pettey
4. Victoria Gonsalves (Rossette)

Class 2E NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – (Outdoor Activities)
1. Kenzie Casper
2. Connor Phillips
3. Olivia Camara
4. Paige Vargas

1. Elizabeth Soares
2. Connor Phillps
3. Kenzie Casper
4. Hannah Araujo

Class 2G NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – (Agriculture - Animal)
1. Laura Pettey
2. Connor Phillips
3. Paige Vargas
4. Mia Vargas

Class 2H NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – (Agriculture – General)
1. Victoria Gonsalves
2. Kenzie Casper
3. Olivia Camara
4. Hannah LaChance

Class 3 Educational Exhibit pertaining to Animal Science – Small Animals
1. Emily Mills
2. Ryley Morse
3. Emma Duarte
4. Abigail Rebello

Class 3A Educational Exhibit pertaining to Animal Science – Large Animals
1. Isabella Costa
2. Brooke Usowicz
3. Kiley Rose
4. Gabriella Costa

Class 4 Metal Fabrication Pertaining to Agricultural Mechanics – located in the Shop area
1. Jack Wethington
2. Christian Alves
3. Chelsea
4. Amber Ford

Class 4A Repair Educational Exhibit pertaining to Agricultural Mechanics – located in the Shop area
1. Ben Gomes
2. Sean Reynolds
Class 4B Lawn & Garden Equipment
1. Ben McElwain
2. Victoria Harrison

Class 4C Painting of Equipment pertaining to Agricultural Mechanics
1. Josh Martel/Jonathan Lacaillade
2. Mike Koussa/Melanie Rea/Marguerite Zielinski
3. Sean Reynolds

Class 4D Educational Exhibit pertaining to Agricultural Mechanics
1. Savannah Nadeau
2. Kristina Rogers
3. Olivia Garcia
4. Emily Mullen/Christian Alves

Class 4E (CAD) – Computer Automated Design
1. Hannah Riggs

Class 4F Carpentry pertaining to Agriculture
1. Abigail Duross
2. Mackenzie Smith Bianchini
3. Kaitlyn Michaud
4. Robert Macomber

Class 5 Educational Exhibit in the field of Arboriculture – pertaining to dendrology
1. Savannah Salvador
2. Aaliyah Soto/Tayla McCormack
3. Dale Reiniche

Class 5A Educational Exhibit in the field of Arboriculture
1. Noah Pacheco/Amber Pires/Shannyn Pallotta
              2. Morgan Parent/Lacey Parker/Jacquelyn Lema
3. Corey Gagne/Alyssa Hills

Class 5B Educational Exhibit in the field of Arboriculture pertaining to equipment & industry techniques
1. John Ferry/Kaylea Astuccio/Jacob Whittemore
2. Abigail Weckesser/Jodie Jones

Class 5C Public awareness presentations and/or demonstrations pertaining to the field of Arboriculture
1.  Kamryn Casper/Joe Duncan/Francis Czepiel


Class 6 Pumpkin Growing (Freshmen Only)
1. Victoria Carvalho/Amanda Connell
2. Emma See
3. Ethne Puccio
4. Jenna Custer
Class 6B Art of Greening (Freshmen Only)
1. Rachel Jones
2. Nick Campbell
3. Analise Thompson
4. Paige Vargas

Class 6D Funeral Arrangement
1. Heather Holmgren
2. Lily Berube
3. Macayla Upham
4. Sydney Hussey

Class 6E Senior Showcase
1. Heather Holmgren
2. Kyle Mazzola
3. Isabella Rivera
4. Shai Gonsalves

Class 7 Fall Dinner Table Arrangement
1. Alexis Larsen
2. Caitlyn Viau
3. Sarah Denis
4. Julia Repeta

Class 8 Harvest Arrangement using Gourds and Pumpkins
1. Isabella Rivera
2. Hannah Johnson
3. Shai Gonsalves
4. Hannah Araujo

Class 9 Arrangement Featuring Air Plants
1. Amber Brooks
2. Meaghan Herlihy
3. Joscelyn Rebello
4. Desiree Petit

Class 10 The Art of Wreath Making
1. Lee Ann Carey
2. Riley Moreira
3. Sarah Denis
4. Heather Holmgren

Class 11 Free Style (Jr.’s & Sr.’s Only) Theme: Dr. Suess
1. Isabella Rivera (Rosette)
2. Caitlyn Viau
3. Shai Gonsalves
4.  Linda Mofford

Class 11a Free Style (Jr.’s & Sr.’s Only) Theme:  Tropical
1. Nina DaSilva
2. Julia Repeta
3. Brandon Petronio
4. Lee Ann Carey

Class 11b Free Style (Jr.’s Only) Theme:  Circus
1. Amber Brooks
2.  Julia Repeta
3.  Ross Sousa
4. Brandon Petronio

Class 12 Arrangement in a Vase (40.00 Birthday)
1. Zoe Goulart
2. Macayla Upham
3. Candace Elgar
4. Selena Carvalho

Class 13 Wrist Corsages & Boutonniere
1. Cassidy White
2. Lee Ann Carey
3. Sarah Denis
4. Caitlyn Viau

Class 14 Table Setting w/ Arrangement (Jr.’s & Sr.’s Only)
Theme: Wizard of Oz
1. Julia Repeta/Amber Brooks/Alexis Larsen
2. Cora Monast/Shai Gonsalves/Heather Holmgren
3. Candace Elgar/Hannah Cahill/Zoe Goulart
4. Daisy-Victoria Silvia/Brandon Petronio/Blaze Abren

Class 15 Arrangement of Carnations for a Cause
1. Caitlyn Viau
2. Hannah Araujo
3. Abriana Soares
4. Sydney Hussey

Class 16 Arrangement of Mixed Flowers
1. Isabella Rivera
2. Abriana Soares
3. Carissa Laporte
4. Linda Mofford

Class 17 Arrangement of Mixed Silk Flowers (Sophomores Only)
1. Hannah Johnson
2. Sarah Denis
3. Madison Medeiros
4. Hannah Araujo

Class 18 Hand Tied Bouquet
1. Julia Repeta
2. Caitlyn Viau
3. Lily Berube
4. Hannah Araujo

Class 19 Bouquet in a Holder
1. Lily Berube
2. Morgan Smith
3. Kennedy Alves
4. Julia Repeta

Class 20 Arrangement in a Basket
1. Alexis Larsen
2. Nina DaSilva
3. Shai Gonsalves
4. Morgan Smith

Class 21 Flowers to Wear
1. Cassidy White
2. Brandon Petronio
3. Blaze Abren
4. Darcey McMahon

Class 22 Plantscape
1. Caitlyn Viau
2. Jos’ee Audet
3. Blaze Abren
4. Lee Ann Carey

Class 23 Christmas Dinner Table Arrangement (mixed greens)
1. Sydney Hussey
2. Shai Gonsalves
3. Blaze Abren
4. Isabella Rivera

Class 24 The Art of Greening
1. Lee Ann Carey
2. Alexis Larsen
3. Isabella Rivera
4. Kyle Mazzola

Class 25 Principals of Design  (Shape:  Circle)
1. Lily Berube
2. Alison Auger
3. Macayla Upham
4. Kennedy Alves

Class 26 Arrangement in a Bud Vase
1.  Lily Berube
2. Darcey McMahon
3. Daisy-Victoria Silvia
4. Meaghan Herlihy

Class 27 Cake Tops
1. Julia Repeta
2. Alison Auger
3. Zoe Goulart
4. Madison Fleurent

Class 28 Arrangement featuring Succulents
1. Lee Ann Carey
2. Amber Brooks
3. Hannah Araujo
4. Alexis Kublin
Class 29 Contemporary Designs
1. Kyle Mazzola
2. Heather Holmgren
3. Nina DaSilva
4. Cassidy White

Class 30 Novice Sheep Showmanship (underclassmen preference)
1. Kiley Rose
2. Kayla Small
3. Kayla Keith
4. Logan Caruthers

Class 31 Novice Sheep Fitting (underclassmen preference)
1. Kayla Small
2. Emma Duarte
3. Emma Palermo
4. Kayla Keith

Class 32 Open Sheep Showmanship
1. Devin Veillieux
2. Kaitlyn Walorz
3. Foster Cripps
4. Madison Smith

Class 33 Open Sheep Fitting
1. Madison Smith
2. Foster Cripps
3. Karolyn Auer
4. Summer Lieberman

Class 34 Novice Goat Showmanship
1. Meghan Sherman
2. Jenna Gouveia

Class 35 Novice Goat Fitting
1. Meghan Sherman
2. Jenna Gouveia

Class 36          Open Goat Showmanship
1. Karlene McMahon

Class 37 Open Goat Fitting
1. Karlene McMahon

Class 38 Novice Calf Showmanship
1. Kaitlyn Walorz
2. Brooke Murphy
3. Jenna Jerrier
4. Michaela Totman

Class 39 Novice Calf Fitting
1. Brooke Murphy
2. Kaitlyn Walorz
3. Jenna Jerrier
4. Michaela Totman

Class 40 Novice Heifer Showmanship
1. Brenden Cook
2. Kayla Keith
3. Emma Palermo
4. Rabekah Quartochi

Class 41 Novice Heifer Fitting
1. Emma Palermo
2. Kayla Keith
3. Rabekah Quartochi
4. Brenden Cook

Class 42 Novice Cow Showmanship
1. Matteo Cabral
2. Meghan Sherman
3. Arianna Lachance
4. Ryley Morse

Class 43 Novice Cow Fitting
1. Ryley Morse
2. Matteo Cabral
3. Meghan Sherman
4. Emma Duarte

Class 44 Open Dairy Fitting
1. Trevor Clapp
2. Karlene McMahon
3. Madison Smith
4. Hannah Borges

Class 45 Open Dairy Showmanship
1. Trevor Clapp
2. Karlene McMahon
3. Olivia Larrivee
4. Jenna Gouveia

Class 46 Novice Beef Showmanship
1. Meghan Sherman
2. Kayla Small
3. Rabekah Quartochi
4. Alexis Hamilton

Class 47 Novice Beef Fitting
1. Kayla Small
2. Rabekah Quartochi
3. Meghan Sherman
4. Alayna Polk

Class 48 Open Beef Showmanship
1. Lily Dias
2. Hannah Adams
3. Olivia Larrivee
4. Blythe Doroch

Class 49 Open Beef Fitting
1. Lily Dias
2. Blythe Doroch
3. Olivia Larrivee
4. Hannah Adams

Class 50 Miniature Equine In-Hand
1. Blythe Doroch
2. Skye Cobb
3. Arianna Lachance

Class 51 Horse Fitting
1. Olivia Larrivee
2. Mia Vargas
3. Hannah Martins
4. Nina Krueger

Class 52 Novice Horse Fitting
1. Madison Smith
2. Kayla Perry
3. Emily Lynch
4. Trevor Clapp

Class 53 Horse Showmanship
1. Nicole Hayduck
2. Kiley Rose
3. Hannah Martins
4. Jenna Gouveia

Class 54 Novice Horse Showmanship
1. Hannah Smith
2. Lauren Paine
3. Isabella Costa
4. Logan Caruthers

Class 55 Equitation (W,T)
1. Brooke Murphy
2. Mia Vargas
3. Kaylee Winslow

Class 56 Novice Equitation (W,T)
1. Jacob Dorothy
2. Kayla Perry
3. Jenna Gouveia
4. Nina Krueger

Class 57 Equitation (W,T,C)
1. Emma Palermo
2. Hannah Smith
3. Hannah Adams
4. Olivia Larrivee

Class 58 Novice Equitation (W,T,C)
1. Kiley Rose
2. Madison Levesque
3. Arianna Lachance
4. Kayla Small
Class 59 Discipline Rail (W,T,C)
1. Hannah Adams
2. Nicole Hayduk
3. Matteo Cabral
4. Kayla Keith

Class 60 Discipline Rail (W,T,)
1. Mia Vargas
2. Kaylee Winslow
3. Nina Krueger

Class 61 Novice Rabbit Fitting
  1. Tiana Daniel
  2. Lauren Paine
  3. Abigail Rebello
  4. Savanah Moniz

Class 62 Rabbit Fitting
  1. Kori Botelho
  2. Peyton Patota
3. Jalena Sylvia
4. Allison Gosselin

Class 63 Novice Rabbit Showmanship
  1. Tiana Daniel
  2. Abigail Rebello
  3. Lauren Paine
  4. Savanah Moniz

Class 64 Rabbit Showmanship
  1. Kori Botelho
  2. Ariana Brand
3.  Peyton Patota
4.  Allison Gosselin

Class 65 Rabbit Hopping
1. Mia Vargas
2. Kori Botelho
3. Jordan Marten
4. Jalena Sylvia

Class 66 Brush, Bathe, Dry
1. Hope Siddall
2. Arianna Lachance
3. Amanda Jordan
4. Samantha Holden

Class 67 Dog Grooming I
1. Emma Ripley
2. Riley Morse
3. Kelly Rovoredo

Class 69 Scissoring/Clipping Technique
  1. Emma Ripley
  2. Kelly Rovoredo
  3. Riley Morse

DIGHTON — Hundreds of visitors turned out over the weekend for Bristol County Agricultural High School’s annual Fall Show, showcasing the talents and projects of students. During the three-day event, guests were treated to demonstrations ranging from live animal shows to small engine exhibits.
“This is a great opportunity to showcase what our students have done and will continue to do,” said Bristol Aggie Principal and Assistant Superintendent Kevin Braga.
Among the mostly local visitors, alumni young and old showed up in significant numbers to reconnect with faculty members and to bring back old memories.
“This is a great event to meet family and to keep the community together,” Floriculture Program Chairman Dawn Fornari said.
“It’s good to come back and see the show and all the hard work put into it,” said Bristol Aggie alumna Holly Brzykcy, who graduated in 2016 from animal science and currently attends Massachusetts Maritime Academy for engineering.
Most visitors initially flocked across the street to the barns and fenced-off pens used by the animal science program to see livestock, including cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. Some animal science students demonstrated their livestock handling skills by herding cows into barns for feeding. According to Joe Guimond, a farm hand and groundskeeper, the school currently owns 65 cows.
On Friday and Saturday, a horse arena was open to the public with riding classes hosted by the large animal science department. A horse show also took place on both days, featuring a “drill team” presentation by riding students.
Animal Science Program Chairman Leslie Blanchette explained that a drill team competes in “synchronized riding” that involves a choreographed performance with music.
On Sunday, the small animal science department held a dog grooming competition and a rabbit show.
“We filled up an entire weekend with shows,” said Blanchette.
For the first year, the program also held a timed hopping competition for rabbits through an obstacle course.
Students prepared their canine contestants for the dog grooming competition lined up together in a cleaning room. The smell of wet dogs did not phase the students, many of whom hope to enter the field of canine care.
According to contestant Ryley Morse, a junior in the small animal science major, grooming a dog correctly requires practice, especially for a show.
For this year’s competition, Morse has been using her friend’s golden retriever.
“I started preparing last year with the same dog and I’ve been practicing over the summer with getting the mats out of the fur and clipping nails,” said Morse.
“I would love to take up the profession (of grooming). Here, it’s a great opportunity to be able to handle a dog and learn how to groom.”
The arboriculture program gave visitors the opportunity to climb a large tree with the assistance of ropes, carabiners and student spotters.
“It’s like being a doctor. There is some serious science involved with it (tree climbing),” said Melissa Duffy, who has been a teacher in the arboriculture program for 23 years.
As future arborists, students learn how to safely climb trees in the program, although the task involves more than just a tolerance for heights.
“I love my major and everyone in it. They’re such helpful people,” said Alyssa Hills, a senior in the arboriculture program who volunteered at the tree climb.
Members of the school’s floriculture program provided two major contributions to the Fall Show - a plant sale in the greenhouse and a large floral arrangement exhibit in the gymnasium. Junior Julia Repeta said preparing floral arrangements for the show can be a difficult process and some students are not able to grow their plants in time for deadline.
“Every year, you get better at it,” said Repeta.
Throughout the weekend, landscape program students set up a series of store-quality exhibits inside a small barn that showed full-sized, fully functioning garden designs centered around fountains and stone walkways.
“I just love coming to the fall show; it reminds me of being a teenager again,” said Kevin McCarthey, an alumnus who graduated in 1998 from the landscape program.
Aside from school program-related activities and displays, the show included a pumpkin patch and corn maze. Braga said the country radio station CAT Country 98.1 came to the event as well.
Overall, Braga said that he was impressed by his first Fall Show as the school’s new principal.
“I was helping the kids out on Thursday with what was left to set up, but they had already done most of the work themselves,” said Braga, discussing students’ preparedness for this year’s show.
“As a newcomer to the school, I continue to be impressed each day by the high level of student achievement.”
  • Animal Science: Check out this video from the Rabbit Hopping event
Photo Credit to GNWIB Inc
Photo Credit to GNWIB Inc
  • Arbor:
  • Ag Mechanics:
  • Flori:
From Student Services:
Scholarship Opportunities:

Attention Students that attend the Extends Program:
Transportation will no longer be available after the Extends program on Mondays and Thursdays until sports reconvenes after Thanksgiving break.  Please plan accordingly.  
Based upon high academic achievement on the MCAS exams, the following students have qualified to receive a four year John and Abigail Adams Scholarship upon acceptance to a participating Massachusetts public institution of higher education, including the four University of Massachusetts undergraduate campuses, all nine state universities and all fifteen community colleges.

Olivia Aguiar
Joshua Blanchard
Kori Botelho
James Callahan
Noah Carello
Jacqueline Collins
Reilly Cusick
Jacob Dorothy
Christian Fulk
Genevieve Gannon
Sophia Hart
Nicole Hayduk
Emma Knox
Olivia Larrivee
Hannah Medeiros
Gabriel Moreno
Moriah Morris
Noah Pacheco
Cassie Palmer
Zachary Pecora
Nathan Pinard
Amber Pires
Cameron Platt
Ashley Silva
Madison Smith
Mia Vargas
Abigail Weckesser

Bristol County Agricultural School will soon have its own drone air force with 20 of the craft being purchased with a $493,728 state grant.
The grant will also purchase 3D printers, computers, flight simulators and other equipment.
School officials said the equipment will expand its natural resources management program to prepare students for drone pilot licenses.
Stasia Peters, director of agricultural and vocational education, said the school is creating a drone program to enable students to take advantage of the job market for operators.
There is expected to be a 400 percent increase in the need for employees with commercial drone licenses in the coming years, she said.
"It's enormous," she said of the job possibilities. "This is not for hobbyists."
She said there are a number of agricultural uses for drones, such as using infrared to monitor soil conditions, and for viewing crop management, forestry inventory, and landscaping.
Non-agricultural uses that the students will also be qualified for include search and rescue, police, fire insurance and mapping.
Principal Kevin Braga, who is also the assistant school principal, said the development of a drone program shows how Bristol Agricultural is always changing to provide training for new jobs.
"I think the key component of our 100 years is we constantly evolve," he said.
A flight simulator arrived at the school Tuesday, but the drones won't be up and running until June, he said.
A year from June students should be graduating with the training needed to become pilots, he said.
The school is also considering offering the training in its adult education program.
The grant came from the state Skills Capital Grant Program, which is funded by an economic development bill.
The drones cost between $2,000 and $8,000 each and the school intends to buy four or five different types.
The money was available through a program for vocational schools that want to buy new equipment for training in high-demand job markets.
Check out this Drill Team Video from Fall Show!
  • Drill Team riders:
    • Hannah Adams
    • Emma Palermo
    • Meg Sherman
    • Michaela Totman
    • Kiley Rose
    • Emma Darling

Alumni Update: #BAPride
What’s happening in the cafeteria: Menu for week ending 11/3/17

Turkey Tacos
Caesar Salad w/ cheese stick
Lettuce/Tomato, Onion, Cheese

Grilled Cheese
Bagel Lunch w/ yogurt & cheese
Home Made Soup

Pasta Bar w/assorted sauces
Plain Pasta
Roasted Broccoli

Breakfast for Lunch
Pancakes, Ham
Mediterranean Salad Wrap

Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza
Fish Sandwich on ww roll
Roasted Green Beans

Breakfast is served every day in the cafeteria and in “Aggie Lounge” Room B-18.

Activities and Athletics:
  • On Friday October 20th, Mr. Poloskey and 2 students (Mia Slater and Malarie Pittsley)  attended the MIAA Student Ambassador summit in Franklin. The program had over 140 students in attendance from schools throughout the state of Massachusetts. Attendees focused on creating a community service project within their schools and brainstormed ways to get more students involved. The program had National Guard Captain Matthew Matosic speak to the students about different types of leadership and tips for being strong leaders. He left the students with the following quote “True leaders are constantly leading through the good and the bad.”
miaa 2.jpgMiaa 3.jpg
  • Student Council: Student council will be hosting a homecoming dance once again!
    • Date: Friday, November 17th, 6pm-10pm
    • Location: Bristol Aggie Gymnasium
    • Ticket Price: $10 per person*
    • Pizza and drinks for sale
    • *If you want to bring a friend from outside of school, permission forms and school ID must be submitted to the Main office by Nov. 15th. Forms are available in the Main Office.
    • This year's theme will be Masquerade!  Get creative and have fun! Masks are fine, you just have to show your face at the door to get into the dance. Semi-formal attire.

Week Ahead: A Week
  • Monday, October 30
    • Assembly-Gym
    • Extends: 2:30-4:00 pm (Library)
  • Tuesday, October 31- Have a Safe and Happy Halloween
  • Wednesday, November 1
    • Ocean Bowl B23: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm New members welcome!
    • Geek Club Rm 119: 2:30 pm
    • Cross Country Girls-  State Vocational Meet (Wrentham)
  • Thursday, November 2
    • Extends: 2:30-4:00 pm (Library)
    • Student Council: 2:30 RM B19
    • NHS Induction Ceremony - 6:00-8:00 pm (Auditorium)
  • Friday, November 3

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