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Friday, December 18, 2020

Aggie Weekly- December 18th

Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:

We had our first snow day of 2020-2021 this week.  In the future we hope to incorporate virtual learning days to ensure that instruction and learning continues.  We hope that everyone was safe during the storm.  Please take notice of the updated calendar (3 weeks virtual for students) below which was discussed at the Virtual Town Hall. See below for more details.  

Bristol Aggie’s First Virtual Assembly: We had some technical difficulties as we were not able to host all of our students and staff. We believe we have fixed this issue and we should be all set for our next assembly on Wednesday, December 23rd at 8:15.  

Virtual Town Hall

After School Clubs/Activities to resume after break: We are excited to bring back clubs and activities after break.  If you are interested in any of the clubs below, please contact the advisor.  


Archery - a club where students of all skill levels can come to enjoy Archery with other students.  (Mr. Surdi-GSurdi@bcahs.com

Beekeeping – Keep bees and process honey (Mr. Surdi-GSurdi@bcahs.com

Class Officers – Class officers represent a single class (9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade).  Each class has a group of class officers that are made up of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Class officers help organize class activities and fundraisers. (Class Advisors are as follows: 

Drama – The goal of Drama club is to enable students to gain an appreciation for the arts and to participate in dramatic activities. (Ms. Couto-SCouto@bcahs.com

Drill Team (try outs are necessary) – A group of horses and riders performing choreographed maneuvers. (Mrs. Bosworth-CBosworth@bcahs.com

Extends Program – An after school academic support program that offers two teachers to assist students in receiving academic help in their classes.  It is also an environment that allows students to make up tests and do their homework in a supervised setting. – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 – 4:00 in the Library (Mr. Braga (Kbraga@bcahs.com

  • In-Person with Ms. Szurley (library): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

  • Virtual with Mrs. Kazijian (via Google meet): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

FFA - FFA is a national student run organization that focuses on premier leadership, personal growth and career success. It is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture, leadership and furthering their knowledge in specific agricultural areas. (Ms. Blanchette-LBlanchette@bcahs.com /Mrs. VanRotz-RVnarotz@bcahs.com

GSA Club - Genders and Sexualities Alliance provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, and talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. (Ms. Szurley-HSzurley@bcahs.com

Geek Club - The Geek Club is a place for students to share their common interests. Examples include: Doctor Who, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, Star Wars, Anime, Writing, Drawing, and many others. All are welcome! (Mr. Johnson-CJohnson@bcahs.com

National Honor Society - The National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization that honors and supports scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Membership is by invitation only for students that meet this criteria. (Mrs. Chevalier-DChevalier@bcahs.com

Peer Mentor Program - Freshmen students are mentored by an upperclassmen for support, encouragement, and goal setting as they begin their high school career. (Mrs. Boudreau-BBoudreau@bcahs.com

Student Council – This group of students help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the student and staff population.  They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and school reform. (Ms. Szurley-HSzurley@bcahs.com/Ms. Reilly-KReilley@bcahs.com

Yearbook Committee – Students assist with the collection and management of school photos from various student activities and events.  Students also organize student information pertaining to their senior yearbook. (Ms. Reilly-KReilley@bcahs.com

Holiday Break-Thursday, December 24-Friday, January 1, 2021

Extends will be offered virtually and in person on January 25th for Freshman and Seniors and January 26th for Sophomores and Juniors.

  • Sign up in person here, with Ms. Szurley

  • Sign up virtually here, with Mrs. Kazijian

Next Phase for Seniors:  We are proud to share with you our senior’s plans for their next step in their college and career exploration.  Based on the knowledge and skills learned during their 4 years at BA, we are excited to  publish acceptances into colleges, universities, military plans, and any career pathways each week.  Please let Ms. Dias or Ms. Hamel know in Student Services, so we can update our list weekly.  Thank you for your dedication to excellence and drive to maintain Bristol Aggie Excellence. Those schools that are bolded and have an asterisk following them have been confirmed as schools that our seniors will be enrolling in Fall 2021. 



The National FFA Scholarship application is open! Visit the scholarship website to access the application and resources. The application deadline is Jan. 14, 2021. Specific resources for  Students & Parents. There are even videos this year for students on how to complete the application. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive during the scholarship period.

  • Where can I find information on how to find your FFA ID?

    • Click HERE for a helpful resource.

  • I am having issues logging in with my membership ID.

    • Contact your FFA Advisor

  • I am having trouble with the National FFA Scholarship Application.

    • There are several options for assistance:

      • Call scholarship support, 855-332-2577

      • Email FFA@applyISTS.com (Allow 48 business hours for a response.)

      • Text 615-777-3750 with your name, the words “FFA Scholarships” and your question.

        • Response during business hours only; please allow two business hours for a response.

    • Utilize the green HELP button on the bottom right-hand side of the application and choose how you would like to receive assistance.


Students must utilize one of the various methods noted above to receive assistance.  Also, please submit only one request for help. Submitting multiple requests through the various channels only slows down the response time for answering their questions.


Can’t drop off a toy? Donate via our Paypal link!

In the Classroom

  • Arbor: On Monday, Mr. Cook's senior arbor students learned climbing tactics inside before they went outside to learn. #BAPride

Teamwork in Plant Science-with the storm approaching, arbor students and flori students jumped into action to assist the landscape students to cover the hoop houses. So proud!

The Large Animal juniors are working on halter breaking the dairy heifers.

MSBA Update

#RealityvsRendering photo was taken on Wednesday before the snow storm

The Week Ahead:

  • Monday, December 21

    • Freshman/Seniors In-Person

    • Sophomores/Juniors Virtual

      • Gym: Sophomores 2nd period

  • Tuesday, December 22

    • Sophomores/Juniors In-Person

    • Freshman/Seniors Virtual

      • Gym: Freshman 2nd period

  • Wednesday, December 23- All students Virtual: Early Release

    • Period 1: 8:10-8:50 (same)

      • 8:15: Morning Assembly- remain in your 1st period.  Your teachers will cast the Zoom meeting

    • Period 2: 9:00-9:40 (same)

    • Period 3: 9:50-10:30 (same)

    • Period 4: 10:35-11:15 (CHANGE)

      • Dismissal at 11:15

Monday 21, 2020

12/21: Freshman and Seniors- In Person
12/21: Sophomore and Juniors -Virtual
12/21: Lunch: Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Winer peas, Strawberry Cut, grab and go options, Fresh Garden Salad, Assorted Fresh and Canned Fruits.

Tuesday 22, 2020

12/22: Sophomore and Juniors- In Person
12/22: Freshman and Seniors- Virtual
12/22: Lunch: Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Winter peas, Peach Cup, grab and go options, Fresh Garden Salad, Assorted Fresh and Canned Fruits 

Wednesday 23, 2020
12/23: Virtual for all Students
12/23: Early Release day  Class will go as: 
            Period 1: 8:10-8:50 
            Period 2: 9:00-9:40
            Period 3: 9:50-10:30
            Period 4 10:35-11:15
               Dismissal will be at 11:15

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Please stay tuned in for more information on Thursday's Weather condition's . Thank you.


Thursday 12/17/2020

12/17: Freshman & Senior - In Person 

12/17: Sophomore & Junior- Virtual 

12/17: Lunch: Grilled Chicken Sandwich B.B.Q or Plain, Baked Beans or Grab and Go Options, 

Fresh Garden Salad, Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits.

Friday 12/18/2020

12/18: Sophomore & Junior- In Person

12/18: Freshman & Senior- Virtual 

12/18: Lunch: Grilled Chicken Sandwich B.B.Q or Plain, Baked Beans or Grab and Go Options, 

Fresh Garden Salad, Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Aggie Weekly- December 11th

Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:

ASSEMBLY IS BACK (Virtual-STUDENTS & STAFF ONLY): Starting this Wednesday, we will have our weekly assembly on Wednesday starting at 8:15.  Students will first check into their 1st period for attendance, then join our Virtual Assembly.  Students who would like to speak at assembly will need to complete the Weekly Assembly Student Sign-up form (similar to the clipboard) so we can unmute your mic so you can speak.  Students will be screened into each session.  You must sign in using your bcahs email address.  We will be recording our zoom meetings each week.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (KBraga@bcahs.com).  

  • How to use Zoom

    • Go to. www.zoom.us At the top right of the screen, click "Join a Meeting"

    • You will need the following information to join the meeting:

      • Meeting ID: see email for details

      • Password: see email for details

    • You must use your bcahs email address to enter the meeting

    • You may be asked to create a username (if you do not have a Zoom account).  This username is what will be displayed during our meeting. 

    • Our “Waiting Room” will open at 8:00 am to help with the transition.  You will need to join your first period class to take attendance.

    • You can enable/disable video when entering the meeting (see below).  

    • Upon entry everyone’s microphone will be muted during the meeting.  Please ensure you are in a quiet room free from background noise (TVs, etc). 

    • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: 

PTO Brunch/Staff Appreciation: On Wednesday morning during our Professional Development, our amazing PTO surprised our staff and provided a grab and go brunch! We are so appreciative for the support of our community. #BAPride

Attention Students: Please continue to use the Ag Mechanics stairs and the lower drive to connect the north and south campus.  We will have a police detail until this problem is resolved.  


We are live! Donate to the Bristol Aggie Toy Drive through PayPal, in person and accepting new unwrapped toys! Donate here!No photo description available.



Updated Calendar- MCAS Delayed for Juniors “until later in the year”

  • Updated Student/Parent Holiday Transition Schedule (12.10.21)

EXTENDS (Pilot) is BACK!

We are excited to announce that we are bringing back EXTENDS to provide additional support to our students. Since we are in a hybrid model, we are offering and attempting a Pilot EXTENDS program for a three week period. EXTENDS will be offered on Monday and Tuesday only from 2:45-4:00. The pilot dates are as follows: 

  • Monday’s: Freshmen/Seniors

    • December 7th, December 14th, and January 25th (last week of Quarter 2)

  • Tuesday’s: Sophomores/Juniors

    • December 8th, December 15th, and January 26th (last week of Quarter 2)

Employing the hybrid model, we will have two teachers, Ms. Szurley (ELA) and Mrs. Kazijian (Special Education), as well as NHS tutors to assist both in-person and virtual. Here are the details of our Pilot EXTENDS program: 

  1. Students will need to either sign-up for in-person or virtual support

    1. In-person will be with Ms. Szurley in the library.  Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here.  

    2. Any students who are virtual and would like to sign up for virtual support will do so with Ms. Kazijian by clicking here.  Once you have signed up, Mrs. Kazijian will send you a Google invite for you to enter the virtual support.  

    3. NHS student tutors will be available both in-person and virtual and they will be assigned to each day to provide consistent support.  

  2. Transportation has never been provided in the past for EXTENDS only (previously students were able to use the athletic late buses), but we wanted to offer additional support. 

    1. If students plan to use transportation, they will need to sign up ahead of time to ensure there is availability on the bus, by clicking here.  

Directions on how to sign up for an EXTENDS appointment with either Ms. Szurley or Mrs. Kazijian.  

Step 1: How to access sign up sheet

  1. Please click here for Ms. Szurley (in-person) and here for Mrs. Kazijian (virtual) to view their calendar.  NOTE: The calendar below is the view of Ms. Szurley’s only.  It will look similar for Mrs. Kazijian. 

  2. Monday’s= Freshman/Seniors

  3. Tuesday’s = Soph/Juniors

  4. Click a timeslot to reserve a space. NOTE for in-person your time will be from 2:45-4:00

Step 2: Book an appointment 

  1. What: EXTENDS group 

    1. Monday’s= Freshman/Seniors

    2. Tuesday’s = Soph/Juniors

  2. When: Date (ignore the time duration, see description for more details)

  3. Who: student who is signing up- will automatically enter your name when using BA email account. Must use BA email to sign up. 

  4. Where: In-person will be in the library with Ms. Szurley.  Virtual will be via Google meet with Mrs. Kazijian. 

  5. Description: Explains a note from either Ms. Szurley or Mrs. Kazijian

  6. Click SAVE to complete your appt

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me (Kbraga@bcahs.com).  We look forward to providing additional support.  

MSBA Update: The construction crew is still working to relocate the traffic light for our crosswalk.  Until it is in place and working properly, we will have a police detail to assist with crossing Center Street.  Students are reminded to use the lower drive for crossing until further notice.  

#RealityvsRending Update

New Landscape Design and Contracting/Arbor Building (Old Pole Barn location)

The Week Ahead:

  • Monday, December 14

    • Freshman/Seniors In-Person

    • Sophomores/Juniors Virtual

      • Gym: Sophomores 2nd period

    • EXTENDS 2:45-4:00 

      • In-Person with Ms. Szurley (library): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

      • Virtual with Mrs. Kazijian (via Google meet): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

  • Tuesday, December 15

    • Sophomores/Juniors In-Person

    • Freshman/Seniors Virtual

      • Gym: Freshman 2nd period

    • EXTENDS 2:45-4:00 

      • In-Person with Ms. Szurley (library): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

      • Virtual with Mrs. Kazijian (via Google meet): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

    • Board of Trustees Meeting @ 5:30 (Keith Hall)

  • Wednesday, December 16

    • All students Virtual: We will be using this day to deep clean the campus

    • Follow the new/same bell schedule (see below) as the in person days

    • Gym

      • Juniors 6th period

      • Seniors 7th period

  • Thursday, December 17

    • Freshman/Seniors In-Person

    • Sophomores/Juniors Virtual

  • Friday, December 18

    • Sophomores/Juniors In-Person

    • Freshman/Seniors Virtual

  Wednesday April 14, 2021 - all Students Virtual Learning   Thursday April 15, 2021 4/15 : Lunch: Asian Chicken Stir Fry, Brown Rice, Grab ...