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Friday, March 26, 2021

Aggie Weekly- March 26th

Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:

We hope everyone had a great week.  With only two weeks left in Quarter 3, we want to remind all students that they will need their assignments completed before Friday, April 9th.  If you have any questions regarding assignments, please contact your teacher.  

2021-2022 School Calendar

Animal Science move featured in Taunton Gazette- Click here for the full story

Flori Spring “Break”/Easter Plant Sale:

Don’t forget to take a break and stop by with your class:


per. 1, 2 ,3, 4 seniors

per. 5,6, 7 freshman


per. 1, 2 ,3, 4 juniors

per. 5,6, 7 sophomores 


per. 1, 2 ,3, 4 freshman

per. 5,6,7 seniors


On Tuesday night, the Board of Trustees voted to approve the Spring Increase to In-Person Learning which will start on Monday, April 12th, which will bring our in-person learning students to 4 days a week and move to 5 days in May (final date has not been set by the Department of Education).  Below we provided the highlights and rationale for spring increase to in-person learning. For the entire plan, click here.  


Our original plan to return to full in-person learning, had the assumption that the dining regulations would be lifted at the same time as the transportation guidance.  With only the transportation guidelines lifted, we will need to make some adjustments to our current schedule and operations that we have worked within during our hybrid schedule.  The following topics by the Fall Reentry Planning Committee were essential for us to consider our Spring Return to In-Person Learning Plan: 

  • Time on Learning Requirements: The Department of Education has released updated guidelines regarding the time on learning requirements used for hybrid and virtual learning this year.  Specifically the guidelines target in-person learning time needing to meet a daily requirement of 5.5 hours of time on learning.  In our current hybrid learning model due to the extended lunches and mask breaks each day, we currently have 4.75 hours of time on learning.  We do currently meet the bi-weekly in-person time on learning requirement.   

    • Mask Breaks: When we decided to return to school in the fall, wearing a mask in a school setting was new and we wanted to provide as much relief to both students and staff.  In addition, when we returned to Gilbert Hall it was a building with poor ventilation so we wanted to take extra precautions. Now that we are in CSE and we have a state of the art ventilation systems, we are confident that the air circulation will continue to keep our school community safe.  We will reduce our daily mask breaks from six (after every period) to three (morning, lunch, and afternoon), in order to meet our time on learning requirements. 

  • Distancing requirements: In both academic and vocational classes, students will be spaced three (3) feet to six (6) feet apart.  

  • Transportation: With the new guidelines in place we are able to transport more students to and from school each day, however, the guidelines do not clearly state what constitutes, high community prevalence” for regional school districts. There are some additional restrictions for these regions, however, we will be sending out a survey to students and parents to get a better understanding of ridership.  

  • Dining: Since there has not been any updated dining guidelines, we had to be creative and look at opportunities to add more students on campus and provide a dining experience that reflects a traditional dining experience.  We did not want students to have to eat in the classrooms, therefore, we settled on an alternate solution, which is to create an additional lunch period.  Currently we have two lunches as we have had historically.  With the addition of an additional lunch period, we had to shorten our current lunch times from two 45 minute lunch periods, to three 30 minutes lunch periods (see schedule below for more details).  

    • Return to Outdoor Dining: With the increase of students on campus and the necessity for additional seating we resume outdoor dining in April.  

  • Lunch Schedule: Depending on which subject you have 4th period, determines your lunch time: 

    • If a student has ELA, History, or Mr. Poloskey for health 4th period, then they have 1st lunch (10:38-11:04). 

    • Juniors in related (all juniors) and any student who has Ms. Garadedian for health 4th period, then they have 2nd lunch (11:07-11:33). 

    • If a student has math or science 4th period, then they have 3rd lunch (11:36-12:02). 

    • If you have any questions about which lunch you have, ask your period 4 teacher.  

  • Spring Sports: As part of our return to full in-person learning allows us to bring back our athletic programs.  Unfortunately we were not able to have the fall and winter athletic seasons.  In addition to the pandemic making athletics a difficult task, the lack of a physical gym space due to class usage during the fall and winter seasons made it impossible to have sports.  With the metrics trending in a positive direction and the ability for athletes to fully participate in outdoor sports, we believe this is the best time for us to try to safely bring back our spring sports programs.

  • Physical Education Classes: We looked at different options for Physical Education for Quarter 4 and  had to consider several factors, including, but not limited too: 

    • Lack of indoor space for days that weather would impact PE classes

    • PE time would have to come out of the in-person vo-ag time that has been our focus to increase. 

    • Virtual Wednesdays for ALL PE classes.  

    • Conclusion: We will be suspending PE for quarter 4.  We will closeout grades and average quarter 1-3 to produce a final grade.  

In the Classroom

  • ELA: Students work in groups on a vocabulary exercise and take advantage of the spring sunlight and open space provided in the new building

  • Flori: In Mrs. Chevalier’s Junior Floral Design class, students were arranging bouquets.  Nice work everyone! 

Summer Academy

Bristol County Agricultural High School is excited to offer two 4-day sessions of our Summer Academy in 2021. (Session I: July 19-22 and Session II: July 26-July 29). There are morning sessions and afternoon sessions offered to students entering grade 5-8. Some sessions have an age restriction. Please read the descriptions on our web site closely. To register on Eventbrite, please click here.  Academy offerings include:

We encourage your student to mix and match your morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) sessions. All costs are listed above for each session (plus processing fees which have allowed us to move to online registration). If you are registering for a morning and afternoon session in the same week (full-day students) please use the promotional code ALLDAY2021 for a $50 discount at checkout.

All instructors are MA DESE Certified Teachers in their respective areas of expertise. Refunds are only offered if courses are cancelledView program descriptions and register online through our link at:

www.bristolaggie.org   Questions? Email Kbraga@bcahs.com  ​

Attleboro Farmers Market Inc: Submit by JPEG or PNG to attleborofarmersmarket@gmail.com 

Activities and Athletics

Let's Start an After School Book Club!

Mrs. Noel would like to facilitate a book club for students. If you are interested, please help by providing information through this Google Form Questionnaire. More details about the club will follow soon.  Thank you. 

Dram Club Digital Art Fundraiser


Need some art to decorate your home? Want a cool background for your phone? Have a birthday or holiday coming up? Look no further, the Bristol Aggie drama club has just the thing for you - digital art!

Digital copies of each piece featured are available for purchase! Simply fill out the order form at the bottom of any page, submit your payment, and a file will be emailed to you to use as you wish! Pictures can remain digital to enjoy on your device, or printed to be placed in the home, or given as a gift! 

The Week Ahead: 

  • Monday, March 29

    • Freshman/Seniors In-Person

    • Sophomores/Juniors Virtual

      • Gym: Sophomores 2nd period

    • EXTENDS 2:45-4:30 

      • In-Person with Mr. McKeen and Ms. Szurley (RM 2303): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

      • Virtual with Mrs. Kazijian (via Google meet): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

  • Tuesday,March 30

    • Sophomores/Juniors In-Person

    • Freshman/Seniors Virtual

      • Gym: Freshman 2nd period

    • EXTENDS 2:45-4:30 

      • In-Person with Mr. McKeen and Ms. Szurley (RM 2303): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

      • Virtual with Mrs. Kazijian (via Google meet): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

    • School Building Committee @ 5:00 pm (Keith Hall)

  • Wednesday, March 31- All students Virtual

    • Assembly @ 9:05

    • Gym

      • Juniors 6th period

      • Seniors 7th period

  • Thursday, April 1

    • Freshman/Seniors In-Person

    • Sophomores/Juniors Virtual

    • EXTENDS 2:45-4:30 

      • In-Person with Mr. McKeen and Ms. Szurley (RM 2303): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

      • Virtual with Mrs. Kazijian (via Google meet): Students will need to sign up ahead of time by clicking here

  • Friday, April 2- NO SCHOOL

  Wednesday April 14, 2021 - all Students Virtual Learning   Thursday April 15, 2021 4/15 : Lunch: Asian Chicken Stir Fry, Brown Rice, Grab ...