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Thursday, May 31, 2018

  • **No late buses today
  • Tomorrow Lunch: Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza Or Tuna Sandwich,Seasoned Peas, Fresh Garden Salad, Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

  • There are 500 buses
  • Vocational State Tournament Girls Softball vs. Old Colony game time @ 3:30
  • Tomorrow Lunch: Fish & Chips Or Tuna Wrap, Spring Peas, Golden Fries, Fresh Garden Salad Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

  •  There are 500 buses 
  • Boys baseball, South Shore, bus dismissal at 1:40
  • FFA will meet tomorrow after school
  • Today's lunch: Chicken Nuggets Or Caesar Salad Wrap w/cheese stick Corn, Rainbow Rice, Fresh Garden Salad,  Assorted Fresh & Canned Fruits, Grab n Go Selections

Friday, May 25, 2018

Aggie Weekly-May 25th

Aggie Weekly
Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:
This week the Class of 2018 finished their finals and began preparations for the 2018 Graduation Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 31st.  We are excited about next week’s ceremonies and remind our students to stay focused and finish out the school year strong.
This weekend is a long weekend, and while we take this time to BBQ and it’s the unofficial start to summer,  please reflect on what Memorial Day truly represents. Even though our wars are primarily fought overseas and they are distant, we have brave men and women who consistently answer the call to duty.  This weekend is not only a time for BBQ’s, but a time for us to remember the servicemen and women in our community who paid the ultimate sacrifice; giving their lives to preserve our freedom. Happy Memorial Day!

High FIVE Club: This week we have two High Five Club Winners:
Dr. DiGioia giving a high five to one of this week’s High Five Winners, Nick Marvel.  Congratulations, Nick! Thank you for being so awesome!

Dr. DiGioia with one of this week’s High Five Winners, Sophia Hart.  Congratulations, Sophia! Well deserved! Stay passionate and optimistic!  

Aggie Foundation:
On Monday both students and clubs were awarded scholarships from the Bristol Aggie Foundation. Former Bristol Aggie Superintendent and Foundation Treasure Mr. Stephen Dempsey was on had to present the awards. Congrats to all the recipients.

Best of the Class: On Tuesday, May 22nd ABC6 news in Providence hosted a luncheon at Roger Williams University to honor the “Best of the Class” from Southeastern MA and RI top students.  Congratulations to Olivia Larrivee for her

Honor Roll: Bristol Aggie announces third term honor roll
DIGHTON — Bristol County Agricultural High School announces its honor roll students for the third term.  Click here for the article in the Taunton Gazette.
High Honors
Aydin Buckley, Olivia Camara, Victoria Carvalho, Zoe DeMello, Ariana Escobar, Kaylee Finch, Jenna Freitas, Alexandra Maitland, Laura Pettey, Kayli Rosa, Analise Thompson
Mackenzie Allen, Emma Auger, Grey Buckley, Kamila Carreiro, Natasha Chantre, Ryan Clegg, Kaiden Conroy, Jenna Custer, Tiana Daniel, Logan DeCourcey, Lily Dias, Kiya Doberck, Hannah Dorrance, Mackenzie Dugas, Riley Dustin, Eloise Fogg, Kasey-Lyn Francoeur, Austin Gaw, Abigail Gesualdi, Kayla Larosa, Emma MacDougall, Trinity McDougal Lancaster, Jayda Picard, Ethne Puccio, Savannah Puccio, Aislinn Robertson, Michael Robertson, Marissa Rock, Cassondra Rosa, Galadriel Rowan, Emma See, Sabrina Sheldon, Malana Silva, Hannah Surdis, Seth Sylvia, Gabriel Tahtinen, Paige Vargas, Brianna Vega, Michaela Ventura, Mackenze Walker, Alexis Wells
High Honors
Karolyn Auer, Kenzie Casper, Isabella Costa, Dylan Fahey, Hannah Johnson, Alexis Kublin, Mason Levesque, Payton Melberg, Emily Mills, Sage Miranda, Nevin Poirier, Elizabeth Roderick, Hope Siddall, Hannah Smith
Avery Allen, Jos’ee Audet, Melani Beaulieu, Audrey Biron, Alexus Borges, Abigail Bruno, Logan Caruthers, Amanda Carvalho, Trevor Clapp, Gabriella Costa, Mollie Coyne, Madison DaCunha, Emma Darling, Jennifer Denis, Sarah Denis, Trent George, Skyler Harper, Meaghan Herlihy, Samantha Holden, Kenna Johnson, Amanda Jordan, Arianna Lachance, Cameron LaFleur, Kendra Lague, Kaci Leonard, Madison Medeiros, Lyndsey Menard, Savanah Moniz, Reilley Moreira, Sabina Myers, Travis Nevins, Travis Perry, Taylor Pettey, Jessie Power, Quinn Prejsnar, Jacob Prestopino, Wyatt Rego, Kristina Rogers, Kiley Rose, Savannah Salvador, Jameson Sharp, Nathan Silvia, Macayla Upham, Briana Viau, Samantha Wheaton
High Honors
Blaze Abren, Tiffany Cabral, Emma Duarte, Alexis Hamilton, Sydney Hussey, Ivy-Lynn Jordan, Kayla Keith, Jesse Magnifico, Angela Masison, Ryley Morse, Brooke Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, Emma Palermo, Peyton Patota, Rabekah Quartochi, Emma Ripley, Kelly Rovoredo, Merissa Silva Robertson, Nicole Simas, Mia Slater, Kayla Small, Ross Sousa, Gillian Souto, Imani Vinnie-Rose, Kaitlyn Walorz, Cassidy White
Lillian Adamiec, Isabella Bartlett, Lily Berube, Chelsea Botelho, Julie Braga, Elizabeth Brouillette, Courtnie Brown, Matteo Cabral, Hannah Cahill, Foster Cripps, Sierra Fleury, Andrew Flory, Olivia Garcia, Zoe Goulart, Raquel Hebert, Jenna Jerrier, Delaney Kellard, Michael Koussa, Madison Kruger, Hope McGough-Silvia, Kaitlin Michaud, Cameron Oliveira, Morgan Parent, Lacey Parker, Bridget Peacock, Alayna Polk, Melanie Rea, Julia Repeta, Melissa Richard, Austin Russell, Meghan Sherman, Kristi-Rose Teixeira, Jack Wethington, Kaylee Winslow
High Honors
Olivia Aguiar, Camryn Badger, Ariana Brand, Lee Ann Carey, Jacob Dorothy, Genevieve Gannon, Nicole Hayduck, Katelyn Higbie, Olivia Larrivee, Gabriel Moreno, Noah Pacheco, Mia Vargas
Lauren Biedak, Joshua Blanchard, Hannah Borges, Taylor Burrell, James Callahan, Noah Carello, Kamryn Casper, Skye Cobb, Zoe Costello, Reilly Cusick, Abigail Duross, Cassandra Forrester, Allison Gosselin, Emma Knox, Nina Krueger, Jonathan Lacaillade, Jacob Livesey, Robert Macomber, Hanna Martins, Cora Monast, Moriah Morris, Emily Mullen, Savanna Nadeau, Cassie Palmer, Zachary Pecora, Nathan Pinard, Malarie Pittsley, Jordan Sharp, Ashley Silva, Madison Smith, Selena Tilden, Abigail Weckesser, Amber Wells
Yearbooks are available for purchase!

See Mrs. Ward to purchase your copy of the 2017-2018 yearbook!
$40 - payable by cash or check made out to BCAHS Class of 2018.

Ocean Bowl:
Salmon Cannons learn Sailing and Robotics at MIT

After winning the McDowell Science Challenge Award at the Blue Lobster Bowl in March, Bristol Aggie’s Salmon Cannons were treated to a day at MIT learning how to sail and about the autonomous marine robotics program. The students- Emma Knox, Abigail Bruno, Jessie Power, and Madison Kruger- were taught the principles of sailing. Then the students got a hands-on experience as the team was split up into two “catboats”- small sailboats. We learned to raise and lower the sail, maneuver the rudder, avoid getting hit by the boom, and spot incoming gusts of wind by observing the patterns in the water. Each student got a chance to be the skipper and perform a tack turn (moving the bow of the boat through the wind) and a jibe turn (moving the stern through the wind).
Mike Benjamin, a research scientist at the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering, explained to the students how marine robotics differ from terrestrial robotic, the many applications of marine robotics, and an introduction to the programming and design of marine robots. Students got to try their hands at operating remote-controlled and semi-autonomous vehicles. They also learned about how to access resources about programming, including the open-source classes and software produced by MIT.
Photos credit: Lori Tsuruda, PMD

Quiz bowl:
On Wednesday, Hope Siddall, Alexander Cameron, Abigail Bruno, and Zacharie Brides represented Bristol Aggie at the WGBH Quiz Show Extra Credit competition. Although they did not win, they did get all their science questions correct, and they had a lot of fun! The competition took place at An Unlikely Story bookstore, where they got to meet the owner and author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney.
In the Classroom:
  • NRM: On Tuesday, NRM students released turtle hatchling’s in Maynard, MA.  Click here for the full story.  
  • NRM: The Bald Eagle was one of the first species protected under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1973.  While the Bald Eagle has long been fairly abundant in Alaska and much of Canada, the widespread use of DDT and poaching eliminated the national bird from much of its range in the lower 48 states.  The banning of DDT and protection of the ESA set the stage for biologists to begin restoration efforts for our national bird. In 1982 the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (Mass Wildlife) hacked the first eagles back into the Bay State at the Quabbin Reservoir.  (Hacking is a process of raising young birds in semi-wild conditions with progressively less care and increasing self-reliance.) Every eagle hatched in Massachusetts, including the first Quabbin birds, are fit with two leg bands. One band is silver and has a unique number that identifies the individual birds.  The other is colored. Each state is assigned a different colored band. These bands allow for a bird’s “home” state can be determined with binoculars. This reduces the need to handle birds for data collection, as catching and handling stresses the birds.
The Bristol Aggie campus, along the Taunton River, has been home to several pairs of Osprey.  Eagles have occasionally been seen from campus along the river and even “inspecting” Osprey nests sporadically for the several years.   In 2017 a pair of eagles built a nest, but produced no young. This is not uncommon for a first-year-pair nest.
Mr. Caswell and NRM students began monitoring the nest since February 2018.  They confirmed two chicks in April 2018. They were reported to Mass Wildlife so that they could be added to the state and national Bald Eagle data base.  Staff from the Mass Wildlife Southeast District visited campus to band the chicks and teach the NRM juniors about eagles.
The chicks were carefully removed from the nest, high above the river, and gingerly lowered in a canvas sack.  Each chick was weighed, measured and fit with their bands – with help from a few NRM students. They were judged to be six or seven weeks old.  One weighed nine pounds and the other ten! The larger sibling is likely a female and the smaller a male. As in most birds, females are typically larger than males.   Both chicks had crops full of fish. It seems that mom and dad and keeping them well fed. The biologists were confident that these two would do and be leaving the nest in a few weeks.
Our many thanks to the Mass Wildlife biologists that took the time to teach our students about eagles, conservation science and actually involve them in their operation.
  • Arbor: This week Arbor students continued to prune the maple tree out front in preparation for the sidewalk construction completion.  #BAWork
  • Math: Freshmen working together in Algebra solving exponent puzzle.

  • Seniors taking their final math final for the year

On Tuesday, Sophomore landscape students removed weeds, planted annuals and spread bark mulch at the Veterans’ Memorials on the grounds of the Taunton Superior Courthouse.

Bee Club
Bee Club transferred frames with bees into our new flow hive on Wednesday after school. Students carefully took each frame and transferred them into their new home! The flow hive is a new hive that is less intrusive when it comes to extracting honey.

Bee Club would like to Thank Seth Cook and Tree Stuff for getting up pollinator packets!! We can't wait to spread the buzz…

Graduation Information:
Graduation is rapidly approaching and we are making final preparations for this memorable event, which is set for Thursday, May 31st at 6:30 pm.  For the first time in Bristol Aggie’s history, we are planning an outdoor graduation at the Karl K. Spratt Jr. Memorial Field at Dighton Town Hall.  If the weather cooperates and we are able to have graduation outside, students will be able to invite an unlimited number of guests to attend the outdoor ceremony.  If the weather forecasts rain, then we will hold graduation as in years past in our gymnasium. If this is the case, then unfortunately the graduates will be limited to four tickets per family.  These tickets will be provided during one of the graduation rehearsals. If you would like to request additional tickets, you can email Mrs. Welshman in the main office at DWelshman@bcahs.com to be placed on the waiting list. In addition, if anyone requires special services for graduation, please contact me at KBraga@bcahs.com.
Since this will be our first graduation outside, we wanted to provide families with as much information regarding logistics as possible.  Students will be reporting to Town Hall at 5:00 pm for preparation for graduation.  This is a change to previously communicated.  If it is inside, students will report to the library at 5:00 pm, as previously communicated.  Please see images below to give you an understanding of the set up for graduation, student drop off, and parking arrangements.  
Concrete Bleachers for Guest Seating

Handicap and elderly seating will be available (limited quantity; please email Mr. Braga with any questions) on the field facing the graduates.  Parents will be facing the graduates on the field, and graduates will be facing Town Hall. Graduates will walk in front of the bleachers to receive their diplomas.  

Handicap parking will be available behind Dighton Town Hall. General parking will be available at Bristol Aggie. Starting at 5:00 pm a shuttle will be available to transport guests from Bristol Aggie to Dighton Town Hall before and after the event.  The Dighton Police will allow parking on the north side of route 138 which will be designated with proper signage. At 5:00 pm, additional parking will be available at the Dighton Post Office, Dighton Elementary School, and Dighton Middle School.

If it is inside, we are also preparing for graduation.  The stage is set and we are working to plan a wonderful graduation experience if it is either inside or outside.  

Drill Team Performance at Field Day:

Student Services
10th Grade Students participated in Math MCAS this week! Thank you for working so hard!

Reminder: 9th Grade Biology MCAS will take place June 6th and 7th

Bristol Aggie’s Anti-Bullying Cool to be Kind Week
We had a great Cool to be Kind Week here at Bristol Aggie! Thank you to all the students and staff who participated! Students and staff played Kindness Bingo all week long.  Kindness Bingo consisted of completing tasks such as complimenting someone, giving thanks, being positive, and talking to someone new. Great job everyone!!

Don’t be bored this summer…. Free Summer Opportunities for Families:

Summer Academy:

Summer Academy
Bristol County Agricultural High School is excited to offer two 4-day sessions of our Summer Academy in 2018. (Session I: July 23-26 and Session II: July 30-August 2). There are morning sessions and afternoon sessions offered to students entering grade 5-8. Some sessions have an age restriction. Please read the descriptions on our web site closely. To register on Eventbrite, please click here.  Academy offerings include:
July 23-26, 2018
8:30-11:30 a.m.
July 30-August 2, 2018
8:30-11:30 a.m.
July 23-26, 2018
12:30-3:30 p.m.
July 30-August 2, 2018
12:30-3:30 p.m.
We encourage your student to mix and match your morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) sessions. All costs are listed above for each session (plus processing fees which have allowed us to move to online registration). If you are registering for a morning and afternoon session in the same week (full-day students) please use the promotional code ALLDAY2018 for a $50 discount at checkout.

All instructors are MA DESE Certified Teachers in their respective areas of expertise. Refunds are only offered if courses are cancelled.  View program descriptions and register online through our link at.  www.bristolaggie.org.  If you have any questions, email Kbraga@bcahs.com.    

Activities and Athletics:
  • Talent Show Winner Performs at Assembly:Our 2018 Talent Show Winner, Sabrina Sheldon performed her winning song at assembly on Monday.  Bravo!

Week Ahead: B Week

  • Monday, May 28th
    • No School- Memorial Day
  • Tuesday, May 29th
    • Senior Breakfast- 8:10 (cafe)
    • Graduation Rehearsal- 8:30-11:30 am
      • Cap and Gown distribution
  • Wednesday, May 30th
    • Graduation Rehearsal- 8:30-11:30 am
    • Late Buses: 5:00
  • Thursday, May 31st
    • Extends: 2:30-4:00 pm (Library)
    • BCAHS Graduation: 6:30 pm
      • Outside: Dighton Town Hall
      • * Seniors report at *5:00 pm to Town Hall
      • * If we have inclement weather, graduation will be conducted in the Bristol Aggie Gym (students will report to library at 5:00 pm)
      • See above for more information
  • Friday, June 1st
    • Baseball vs Sacred Heart- 3:30 pm

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