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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Toy Drive Update -$2,544.31 Raised

$1000 raised today!!! You are amazing Bristol Aggie!

There was a lot of sabotage today. Half of the majors now have negative points. 

1st Place - NRM: 28214 - Hmm... I wonder who may have caused all this sabotage...
2nd Place -  Flori: 2989
3rd Place - Landscape: 2656 - a big donation + less sabotage!
4th Place - Ag Mech: -7870 - $296 of sabotage!!!
5th Place - Large: -9979 
6th Place - Small: -12635 
7th place - Arbor: -16234 


Tomorrow at 2:45 pm will be the cut-off for all donations. Donation jars in the main office!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far!!
Student Council

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