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Friday, February 2, 2018

Aggie Weekly- February 2nd

Aggie Weekly
Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:
This week we had some severe weather that impacted our commute.  We are currently evaluating our weather protocols to ensure students top safety.  We will be providing more information in the future to our school community regarding our severe weather plan.  
We would like to remind Sophomore students that Biology MCAS is taking place on Monday, February 5th and Tuesday, February 6th.  We understand that many students will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night, however, please ensure that you get a good night’s rest.  All sophomore students should report to the cafeteria in the morning.  You will be dismissed to your testing locations from the cafeteria.  

Next Phase for Seniors:  We are proud to share with you our senior’s plans for their next step in their college and career exploration.  Based on the knowledge and skills,  learned during their 4 years at BA, we are excited to  publish acceptances into colleges, universities, military plans, and any career pathways cach week.  Please let Ms. Dias know in Student Services, so we can update our list weekly.  Thank you for your dedication to excellence and drive to maintain Bristol Aggie Excellence.  

MCAS: We wanted to send out a reminder regarding MCAS on Monday and Tuesday.  We wanted to provide you with the "Who, What, Where, and When."  Please encourage your child to go to sleep early on Sunday and Monday.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • 10th Graders

  • MCAS ELA, Math and Science
  • These are graduation requirements.
  • Want all students to achieve proficiency in all areas- score of 240
  • Students are required to score at least 220 on the grade 10 ELA test, the grade 10 MATH test, and Science test as one condition for receiving a high school diploma.  They must also fulfill the requirements of an EPP if they do not score at least 240 on both the ELA and Math tests.  Additionally, students must meet all local graduation requirements
  • Students are given multiple opportunities before the end of their senior year to meet the score requirement
  • Test scores will be used to determine eligibility for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and the Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery with Distinction Award.  Getting proficiency or advanced in each subject test may qualify you for the scholarship. Scholarship may give you up to 8 undergraduate semesters tuition free at a state university.

  • MCAS-SCIENCE exam will be held on February 5th and 6th
  • MCAS-ELA Exam will be held on March 27th, 28th, and 29th
  • MCAS-MATH exam will be held on May 23rd, and 24th
  • Your attendance these days is very important.
  • Please report immediately to the cafeteria for a light breakfast.  
  • Make sure you get a good night sleep!

  • For the most part- the auditorium.  Some students may be asked to take their test in the library, or other classrooms as well.  These students will be informed ahead of time.  


  • On test day(s), students will report to the cafeteria for a free breakfast.  Students will be dismissed by administration to their testing locations.  
  • You may not communicate with other students during the test (e.g., talking, whispering, writing notes).  You may also not look at any other student’s test or answer booklet.

  • You may not consult any notes, books, or instructional materials during testing. Test results will be invalidated for students who use cell phones or other electronic devices for any purpose during a test session, including after turning in their test materials, during a break, or during the transition to a test completion area.   Make it clear- No Cell Phone use at all.  Not to check the time, nothing.  Off and out of sight.

  • After testing, you should not discuss the content of test booklets or their responses to questions with anyone, including teachers.

  • English-language dictionaries will be available for you to use during the ELA Composition test only.

  • You typically can bring a book to read in case you finish MCAS early. However, you may not read a book the day of the Composition Test- which is the first day.

  • You have as much time as you need to complete the test (not to exceed the school day).  Please stay focused and on task.  The testing is scheduled from 8:15-10:49 (A-C Period).  Students will be provided additional time as needed.  

  • Try your best! Answer all questions in the session.  Work only in the session you are on.  Cannot go back to previous session or start a new session.  

In the Classroom:
  • NRM: As part of the Capital Skills Grant ($493,000) that we received in October, we purchased the PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) tagging machine, which is an electronic tag measuring 12 mm long by 2.1 mm in diameter. It can be coded with one of 35 billion unique codes. The tag can be automatically detected and decoded in situ (in place) – eliminating the need to sacrifice, anesthetize, handle, or restrain animals during data retrieval. On Wednesday, some members of freshman vo-ag 6 learned  about PIT tagging and getting a chance practice injecting a tag. (Jayda Picard & Laura Pettey).
  • Landscape: On Thursday, Sophomore Landscape students learned how to install pavers! We can’t wait for the spring to enjoy their hard work!
  • Agricultural Mechanics: In Ag Mec, students are building a surprise that will be completed soon! #Surprise #ComingSoon
  • Physical Education: This week, all majors were practicing for the Volleyball Tournament taking place next week.  Good luck!
Alumni Update:

Dighton resident Jeffrey Fisk wins Rehoboth Garden Club scholarship: Click here for the article in the Taunton Gazette.  

REHOBOTH - As the recipient of the Rehoboth Garden Club’s 2017-2018 scholarship, Dighton resident Jeffrey Fisk was recently presented with a check for $1,000. A graduate of Bristol County Agricultural High School, Fisk majored in floriculture. He is now a biology major at Bristol Community College.

TMLP: TMLP stopped by to trim Zelkova on Thursday that had power lines running through it. The operator of the bucket truck was a 2005 #BAAlumni. #BAPRIDE
Brandon Mello class of 2005 with his teacher Mrs. Duffy
Brandon now has a career as a lineman at TMLP

Wellness Committee: On Wednesday, the Wellness Committee met as part of our obligation.  See our Agenda/Minutes.  The minutes are in Bold embedded in the agenda.  We are currently looking have two openings on the committee:
  1. Student
  2. Parent/Community Member
Anyone interested can contact Mr. Braga (kbraga@bcahs.com) with any questions.  The next meeting will be April 11th, @ 10:00 am in Keith Hall.  

Doodle Art: Students in grades K-12 are invited to take part in the 2018 Doodle 4 Google contest, and create an uplifting doodle that tells the world “What inspires me.” From crayons to clay, graphic design, or even food, young artists can utilize any materials to bring their creation to life. Like all Google Doodles, each doodle must incorporate the letters G-o-o-g-l-e. One national winner will receive a $30,000 college scholarship, a $50,000 technology package for their school/non-profit organization, and a behind-the-scenes experience with the Doodle team to transform their Doodle into an interactive experience on Google.com. The contest is open for entries from January 8th – March 2nd, 2018 – only 8 short weeks!

FFA : Are you an active FFA member? Are you planning on attending the State FFA Convention? Would you like to have your own Official FFA Jacket? Mr. Caswell will be placing an order with the National FFA Organization for student jackets next week. If you would like to purchase your own FFA jacket the cost is $50 (checks made payable to BCAHS). Please see Mr. Caswell by the end of the day on Thursday February 8th to be fitted for a jacket. More information about the FFA jacket can be found here.

Where’s Waldo?: Bristol Aggie on the map, the rare bird map that is! Bristol Aggie has been the place to be for hardcore birders, and novices alike. The alert went out (yes, there are listservs that send out emails of rare bird sightings, you can sign up here) this past weekend for a very rare sight, a Pink-footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus), hanging out amongst our resident flock of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis). Pink-footed Geese nest in Greenland and Iceland, these birds all migrate across the North Atlantic to spend the winter in Britain and northwestern Europe (for those directionally challenged, that is in the opposite direction of the United States). Strays that have gone the wrong direction have been found in North America only a couple of times, in eastern Canada.” (http://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/pink-footed-goose).  So, for birders this is a VERY BIG DEAL! People have been driving over an hour for a chance of seeing this rare site and adding it to their “Life List”.

Can you see me?
How about now?


Week Ahead: B Week-NO Assembly this week due to MCAS testing

  • Monday, February 5
    • 10th Grade Bio MCAS-Report to cafeteria in the morning
    • Extends: 2:30-4:00 pm (Library)
    • Girls Basketball vs Diman (HOME)
    • Late Buses
  • Tuesday, February 6
    • 10th Grade Bio MCAS-Report to cafeteria in the morning
    • Faculty Meeting: 2:40 (Library)
    • Late Buses
  • Wednesday, February 7
    • Boys Basketball vs Old Colony (HOME)
    • PTO Meeting: 7:00 pm (Library)
    • Late Buses
  • Thursday, February 8
    • Volleyball VOAG Tournament: 1:00-2:30 (Gym)
    • Extends: 2:30-4:00 pm (Library)
    • Late Buses
  • Friday, February 9
    • ALICE Presentation
      • Soph: A period
      • Junior: I period
      • Senior: H Period
    • Girls Basketball vs South Shore (HOME)
    • Late Buses

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