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Thursday, February 15, 2018

School Safety Message

Good Afternoon Bristol Aggie, This is Mr. Braga.
After school yesterday, we learned of the horrific attack that took place in Parkland, FL at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  This inexplicable violence in schools is happening at an alarming frequency across our nation.  These acts of violence in schools are extremely unsettling.  
Yesterday, coincidentally, we practiced our ALICE safety protocols for incidents such as the one that took place in Florida.  We are continually assessing and evaluating our safety plan and we will continue to talk as a team on ways to work together to be proactive in keeping students, staff, and all members of our community safe from an intruder.  ALICE empowers us to handle situations with intruders and we will be continuing to reinforce this training and the different scenarios that arise with our school community.

Continued vigilance by alerting the office when you see suspicious activity in person, or online, and keeping us informed of your ideas to improve school safety are appreciated.  Should anyone need any support please let the administration and/or guidance staff know.  Thank you

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