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Friday, April 26, 2019

Aggie Weekly 4/26

Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:
    This week we returned from April break for the home stretch.  With only approximately 8 weeks left of school, and only 5 weeks left for seniors, the end of the year is quickly approaching.  We encourage our students to remain focused and finish the year strong!

Student Assembly: On Wednesday, we will have former Boston Celtics player Chris Herren speak to all our students at 12:30.  Mr. Herren has a great story about battling addiction and has visited Bristol Aggie in the past. We look forward to his presentation.  See poster for more details.  

Next Phase for Seniors:  We are proud to share with you our senior’s plans for their next step in their college and career exploration.  Based on the knowledge and skills, learned during their 4 years at BA, we are excited to publish acceptances into colleges, universities, military plans, and any career pathways each week.  Please let Ms. Dias know in Student Services, so we can update our list weekly. Thank you for your dedication to excellence and drive to maintain Bristol Aggie Excellence.

Dighton students help rebuild rabbit population- For some seniors at Bristol County Agricultural High School, every day is Earth Day. Click here for the full story from Channel ABC6

DIGHTON, Mass. (WLNE) -- For some seniors at Bristol County Agricultural High School, every day is Earth Day.
"I mean how many other schools can be like oh I helped with the cottontail population," said Isabella Bartlett.
These 17- and 18-year-olds are tasked with the very adult responsibility of helping Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife bring back the New England cottontail rabbit.
"They caught the rabbits for us and then they delivered them here," said Mia Slater.
Natural resource management students spend their days out in the woods gathering food for the rabbits, then head inside to feed the 13 cottontails, keep their space clean and collect data.
"This is really good for me because I can say I have the experience of working with the cottontail," said Mellany Munroe.
Soon, the rabbits will be released onto an island off Martha's Vineyard to start a brand new colony.
"With hopes that they can reproduce on their own and help get their population up again," said Merissa Silva Robertson.
For Brian Bastarache, chair of Bristol Aggie's Resource Management Department.
"If we talk about it just in the classroom, then it becomes trivial, //as opposed to giving them the opportunity to apply what they've learned on a real-world challenge," said Bastarache.
The hope is to inspire other students and adults to do their part to create a better world.
"I think one thing you can take away from this is that anyone can make a difference. We're all just high school seniors and we're making a difference," said Andrew Flory.
The rabbits are almost ready to be taken to their new home. In May they'll be transported to Noman's Island. On the island, their population will be monitored by GPS, and once their numbers are high enough, they will be taken to new habitats all across Massachusetts.

Summer Academy
Bristol County Agricultural High School is excited to offer two 4-day sessions of our Summer Academy in 2019. (Session I: July 22-25 and Session II: July 29-August 1). There are morning sessions and afternoon sessions offered to students entering grade 5-8. Some sessions have an age restriction. Please read the descriptions on our web site closely. To register on Eventbrite, please click here.  Academy offerings include:
We encourage your student to mix and match your morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) sessions. All costs are listed above for each session (plus processing fees which have allowed us to move to online registration). If you are registering for a morning and afternoon session in the same week (full-day students) please use the promotional code ALLDAY2019 for a $50 discount at checkout.

All instructors are MA DESE Certified Teachers in their respective areas of expertise. Refunds are only offered if courses are cancelled.  View program descriptions and register online through our link at:
www.bristolaggie.org   Questions? Email Kbraga@bcahs.com  
Raise some $$$
Are you looking to attend an upcoming FFA events? Washington Leadership Conference, Nationals.... and are looking to raise some funds for those trips!
Help with our FFA Fundraiser!
We will be selling My Grandma's Coffee Cakes... they are delicious. Each cake is $15, and you are credited $6.00 from each cake you sell!
The order forms are on the counter in the Main Office. The information is on a sticker on the back. All checks can be made out to BCAHS or Bristol Aggie. All order forms are due May 8th!
Get selling and make yourself some FFA Credits for upcoming trips!!!
WASHINGTON LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - THERE ARE ONLY A COUPLE OF SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE. WLC is an amazing opportunity and a once in a lifetime opportunity. All of the information is in the link. Contact Mrs. VanRotz with any questions. Based on interest, we try to attend this event every year. If this year is not in the cards, keep it in mind for next year.
Student Vaping Presentation: We had the DA office stop by today to give our students a presentation on the dangers of tobacco and vaping. #BASafety
Floriculture sophomores harvest carrots grown in the greenhouse.
Floriculture sophomore, Sean McCoy, is power washing the greenhouse to prepare for the Plant Sale that is on Sunday May 5th.

Students in Mrs. Coderre's Senior English Class prepare for their debate based on Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience."  Thoreau was sent to prison for not paying a poll tax to a government that was engaged in a war that he did not believe in. In the debate, students will argue whether this makes Thoreau a patriot or a traitor.

In the end, it seems our teams are pretty divided about whether Thoreau was a patriot or a traitor.  
What we learned by our experiment:

“Thoreau was remembered for many things, but most importantly for his patriotic spirit.  His unwavering ambition for the pursuit of fulfillment makes him a beacon for those who are lost.  Belief in oneself and the path of success through self-discovery play a role in Thoreau’s journey. As a patriot is defined,   . ‘anyone that is prepared to defend against enemies.’ Thoreau preaches the truth of an unjust government and opens the option of self-made success.  A true patriot must first be a patriot to himself.”

~ Bridget Peacock ~

Remember to stop by our “Poet-tree” in either the cafeteria or the library to hang up your poem.

So far we have some great poem leaves on our trees! Thank you to the Landscape Design and Contracting Department for loaning us the two trees!

Prom is Friday, May 10th!

Location: Hillside Country Club, 82 HIllside Ave, Rehoboth, MA 02769
Time:  6:00pm-10:00pm.
Tickets Price: $70.

Tickets are available for purchase to seniors! Tickets will be available to seniors only until Wednesday, May 1st. Ticket sales will open up to juniors on Thursday, May 2nd.

Please see Ms. Harootian in the Flori building to purchase your ticket!

***If you plan to bring a date from outside of school, you must fill out a form and have your guest approved through Mr. Higgins. This form must be presented to Ms. Harootian with Mr. Higgins' signature in order to purchase a ticket for your guest.

Student Services:

SS Newsletter - The May edition will be released next week so keep an eye out for it!

Junior Students! SAT & ACT Information
The last administration date of the SAT for this school year is coming up fast! Next Friday, May 3 is the regular registration deadline for the June 1, 2019 SAT test date. In addition, the ACT only has two more test dates available for this school year. See the pictures below for the test dates and registration deadlines. There is the possibility to sign up after the regular registration deadlines but it will incur a late fee. We always recommend junior students take the May or June SAT test so that if they need to take the test again for college admissions they have that opportunity in August. If students are looking to apply for early admissions at colleges, they will need finalized scores by November and December for their application packages.

Registration is simple and can be done on each of their websites. For both the ACT and SAT tests you will need the following to register:

The Week Ahead-B Week
  • Monday, April 29
    • Arbor Day
    • EXTENDS 2:30 pm (Library)
    • Baseball vs South Shore Voc Tech (Home)
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday, April 30
    • Assembly- Report to the gym
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday, May 1
    • School Wide Assembly- Chris Herren Presentation @12:30 (Gym)
    • Baseball vs Old Colony @ 3:30 (Home)
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
  • Thursday, May 2
    • EXTENDS 2:30 pm (Library)
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
  • Friday, May 3
    • Arbor Jamboree Day
    • Baseball vs Holbrook @ 3:30 (Home)
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
    • BA Play: All I really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play- Tickets are $5.00 at the door.
  • Sunday, May 5
    • Spring Expo

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