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Friday, May 24, 2019

Aggie Weekly-May 24th Memorial Day Weekend

Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:

This week our seniors completed finals and had their first graduation rehearsal in preparation for next week. The forecast as of now looks like we will be outside again, so our fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates!

REMEMBER THE FALLEN: Remember to take the time this weekend to reflect on those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our liberties. We are fortunate to live in a country where so many men and women volunteer to protect these liberties with the understanding that they may have to give their lives to protect their loved ones. Please be safe this weekend.

ABC6 News Best of Class: Congratulations to our Valedictorian Kaity Walorz! On Tuesday, she was recognized with many of her peers at Roger Williams University. #BAPride

Awards Night: On Thursday, we celebrated student achievement by recognizing students who earned honor roll, high honors, top 10 seniors, and formally announced our Valedictorian Kaity Walorz. In addition, we handed out over 35 scholarships which are donated by our community each year to our seniors.

GSA: On Saturday, May 18, the Bristol Aggie GSA represented our school at the Youth Pride March in Boston! We had a great time- lots of free pride swag and a dance party after!

Next Phase for Seniors: We are proud to share with you our senior’s plans for their next step in their college and career exploration. Based on the knowledge and skills, learned during their 4 years at BA, we are excited to publish acceptances into colleges, universities, military plans, and any career pathways each week. Please let Mrs. Dias know in Student Services, so we can update our list weekly. Thank you for your dedication to excellence and drive to maintain Bristol Aggie Excellence.

NRM- Agricultural Students Raise, Release Threatened Turtles Click here for the CBS Boston Channel 4 video

MAYNARD (CBS) – It’s a head start program for turtles. And the proud foster parents are local high school students dedicated to helping the creatures survive.

The young people have raised the turtles with loving care for the last eight months. On Thursday, with high hopes, they released 49 turtles that are considered “threatened” in Massachusetts.

“Today is World Turtle Day,” said Jared Green of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. And that makes it a really great day for small, Blanding’s turtles moving around in large plastic containers. Their existence is threatened mostly because their habitat is being destroyed by development.

“You guys are really making a huge difference in the lives of these turtles,” Green told the gathered students. They are sophomores at the Bristol County Agricultural High School in Dighton. Since September they’ve cared for hatchlings. It’s part of a head start program run by U..S Fish and Wildlife.

“This is the 10th year the students have been raising turtles for us. Today they released their 800th head start,” Green said.

The release point is the Assabet River Wildlife Refuge in Maynard. Carefully, the students say goodbye to the creatures they’ve cared for the entire school year.

“I was very proud because my class and I worked really hard for them to grow really big and be able to set them free,” said Michaela Ventura, one of the students.

The young people studied the turtles as they fed and cared for them and feel like they’re on a mission.

“If we don’t take care of them, and we don’t try to boost their population, who’s going to? We can’t keep destroying their habitat and contribute to the problem and not try and fix it,” added Derek Wedge, another student.

The turtles are big enough now that they have a good chance of surviving in this protected environment.

“They’re a long-lived species. They can live for 70 to 80 years. So it’s just neat to think about how we’re having a real impact on this threatened species,” Green said.

“I hope that the majority of them will survive very well in the wild and eventually there will be enough living here for a sustainable population that we don’t have to head start them anymore,” said student Sydney St. Pierre.

The young people are part of this project through their Natural Resource Management class. Two former students in the program have gone on to careers as wildlife biologists.

RESPECTfully Public Awareness Campaign Launch
The Commonwealth is launching its first statewide public awareness and prevention campaign in almost twenty years to promote healthy relationships among middle and high schoolers. Launching the week of May 26th, "RESPECTfully," aims to increase awareness of what constitutes a healthy relationship, emphasizes the need for respect in relationships, and helps teens identify the escalating behaviors that may lead to unhealthy and unsafe relationships.

Developed with extensive input from the Commonwealth’s youth and sexual assault and domestic violence advocates, RESPECTfully promotes healthy relationship behaviors and boundaries, and articulates a key message that everyone deserves respect, honesty, and open communication. Campaign messaging will be delivered in short videos with modern animations conveying a clear message on social media platforms that teens are using every day. The messaging is directed at youth between the ages of 12-18, as well as their parents, caregivers, and adults involved in youth’s daily lives.

2019 Commencement Ceremony: Graduation is next Thursday, which is set for Thursday, May 30th at 6:30 pm. Similar to last year, we are planning an outdoor graduation at the Karl K. Spratt Jr. Memorial Field at Dighton’s Town Hall. If the weather cooperates and we are able to have graduation outside, students will be able to invite an unlimited number of guests to attend the outdoor ceremony. If the weather forecasts rain, then we will hold graduation as in years past in our gymnasium. If this is the case, then unfortunately the graduates will be limited to four tickets per family. These tickets will be provided during one of the graduation rehearsals. If you would like to request additional tickets, you can email Mrs. Welshman in the main office at DWelshman@bcahs.com to be placed on the waiting list. In addition, if anyone requires special services for graduation, please contact me at KBraga@bcahs.com.

To help prepare for graduation, we wanted to provide families with as much information regarding logistics as possible. Students will be reporting to Dighton Building Department at 5:00 pm for preparation for graduation. The Dighton Building Department is adjacent to Dighton Town Hall. If it is inside, students will report to the library at 5:00 pm. Please see images below to give you an understanding of the set up for graduation, student drop off, and parking arrangements.

Concrete Bleachers for Guest Seating

Handicap and elderly seating will be available (limited quantity) on the field facing the graduates. Parents will be facing the graduates on the field, and graduates will be facing Town Hall. Graduates will walk in front of the bleachers to receive their diplomas.

Handicap parking will be available behind Dighton Town Hall. General parking will be available at Bristol Aggie. Starting at 5:00 pm a shuttle will be available to transport guests from Bristol Aggie to Dighton Town Hall before and after the event. The Dighton Police will allow parking on the north side of route 138 which will be designated with proper signage. At 5:00 pm, additional parking will be available at the Dighton Post Office, Dighton Elementary School, and Dighton Middle School.

Student drop off will be at the Dighton Building Department at 5:15 pm. Students will gather inside to prepare for graduation. No parking will be allowed. Drop off only!

Natural Resources Management Senior Project Presentations

Mr. Bastarache’s senior NRM students presented the results of Senior Research Projects to fellow junior and senior NRM students this week.

Their senior project presentations are a culmination of their ongoing independent research for almost two years and works in conjunction with research papers they recently completed and submitted. The requirements for these linked research papers and projects are rigorous; the corresponding slide shows must demonstrate coherence, organization, and professionalism. The students communicated their findings using their topic data and outcomes. They also implemented polished communication skills and fielded questions and answers. This authentic project-based enterprise will prepare these seniors for 21st century learning and life skills to launch them successfully into their endeavors.

Landscape Design and Contracting - This week our Freshmen and Juniors completed a landscape installation for People Incorporated, a community housing development organization in Fall River. Students installed plants, mulch, finished graded the lawn areas, seeded and fertilized. Thanks to Mr. Rose for all his help.

Senior Trip: Last Friday after Field Day, many seniors had a blast celebrating graduation at Six Flags’ Grad Night!

Peer Mentor Program: Thank you to all of the students who participated in the Peer Mentor Program this year.

The Week Ahead- B Week
  • Monday, May 27
    • No School- Memorial Day
  • Tuesday, May 28- NO ASSEMBLY THIS WEEK
    • Senior Breakfast 8:10-8:30
    • Graduation Rehearsal 8:30-11:30
    • Cap and Gown Distribution
    • Baseball vs Avon DOUBLE HEADER: 3:30 pm (Home)
    • Softball vs Southeastern: 3:30 pm (Home-Dighton Town Hall)
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday, May 29
    • Graduation Rehearsal 8:30-11:30- PENDING
    • Softball vs Holbrook: 3:30 pm (Home-Dighton Town Hall)
  • Thursday, May 30
    • EXTENDS 2:30 pm (Library)
    • Late Bus: 5:00 pm
    • Graduation @ 6:30 pm
    • Graduation Day - Outside: Dighton Town Hall
    • * Seniors report at 5:00 pm to Town Hall
    • * If we have inclement weather, graduation will be conducted in the Bristol Aggie Gym
  • Friday, May 31
    • Softball vs Southeastern: 3:30 pm (Home-Dighton Town Hall)

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