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Friday, December 21, 2018

Aggie Weekly-December 21

Aggie Weekly
Good Afternoon Students, Parents, and Community Members:
    This week we practiced our evacuation protocols and it went pretty smoothly and we are currently gathering the feedback from students and staff so we can make improvements in the future.  We appreciate everyone taking the drill seriously and being committed to safety. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. We will see you back on Wednesday, January 2, 2019!

Congratulations to this Week’s High Five Club Winner, Bridget Peacock!

Dr. DiGioia congratulating Bridget! Keep up the amazing work!

Toy Drive Assembly: On Tuesday, Student Council revealed this year’s toy drive totals! Congrats to our school community on another successful toy drive, beating last year’s total! We raised $6,800 and donated to Dighton Lions and PACE of New Bedford. #BAPride #ItTakesaVillage

BCAHS Holiday Pet Photo Contest:

Holiday Cheer: On Wednesday, December 19th, a group of students accompanied Mrs. Coderre  to sing Christmas carols and to deliver cards and goodies to the residents at the Dighton Nursing Center. The songs of cheer brought much happiness and some tears to residents and staff. From the look on the students' faces, it was clear that they enjoyed the event as much as the residents.

Back row: Sam Butler, Zoe DeMello, Natasha Chantre and Alexandria deMedeiros.
Front row: Alana Cabreja, Ashley Cunningham, Kaylea Astuccio and Tabatha Ellis.
At the end are seniors Cameron Oliveira and Mellany Munroe who helped coordinate the event.
In the Classroom:
Holiday Science Demos: Mr. Johnson performing science experiments for students. Keeping the tradition alive! #BAPRIDE - Check out our Twitter for videos of the demos

Animal Science: On Monday, tenth grade students learned to clip chicken feathers.

Physical Education: Students from Flori and NRM playing hockey in PE.

NRM: NRM set up a social mixer where NRM alumni and current students networked about the field.  What a great way to hear first hand what to expect in the field and in college. #BAPride

Holiday Lunch: On Thursday, students enjoyed eating outside in the spring like weather! Students inside enjoyed watching holiday films.

Freshman Class Clothing Drive:

Become a Career Mentor!
Who helped you become the person you are today? Who was there to model, guide, inform and support you along the way? Chances are there were several people: maybe a parent or guardian, spouse, sibling, teacher, boss, or friend. Maybe several were your mentors. Why not pay it forward and Become a Career Mentor?
Some youth aren’t quite as fortunate, and their ‘mentor circle’ is not strong or complete. That’s where you come in. Maybe you’ve already mentored a few young people yourself. It feels good; doesn’t it?
TASC (Taunton Area School to Career) offers Career Mentoring to youth at three local high schools.
(Bristol County Agricultural, Taunton High, and Taunton Alternative High.)
We need more Career Mentors to serve an increasing number of deserving teens in our 2019 program.
Most of the students just need a little support and direction. Pretty much, they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. Most of us can identify with that! Career mentors help them discover opportunities available to them, explore options and understand the connection between their education and their goals. Often, it’s just a matter of having someone listen. If that could be you, why not Become a Career Mentor?
Last year, the TASC Career Mentoring Program served over 60 students. We added new, flexible program models that resulted in tremendous demand for 2018. We expect another big increase in interested students this school year, and so need more mentors to meet the need. Become a Career Mentor!
Students aren’t the only ones who reap rewards. Adults get special satisfaction upon seeing the impact he or she has had on a mentee. It’s a feeling that can’t be measured.  Become a Career Mentor and see how it can be a fantastic way to make a positive, possibly life-changing difference in the life of a high school student.
The AHS/TASC Career Mentoring Program
What Does a Commitment to Mentoring Entail?
Mentor/Mentee Meetings:
Most mentor/mentee matches meet an average of twice a month for 2 to 4 hours each meeting. If a face to face meeting in a 2-week timespan is not possible, it is important to maintain contact by phone, text or email.

Mentor/mentee meetings occur in a mix of times and days. We hope to avoid dismissing mentees from school during the same class too often and to provide a variety of scheduling opportunities for mentors and mentees. Participants plan most activities based on schedules and events that work best for them.

Meetings consist of a combination of TASC-planned tours & seminars, as well as one-on-one meetings designed and planned by mentors with their mentees.

Mentors and mentees in all program models are given a menu of TASC-planned tours, seminars and activities from which they select activities that are of interest to the mentee or that might help the mentee plan his or her postsecondary life.

In addition to TASC-planned events, mentor/mentee matches arrange their own one-on-one meetings. Participants plan activities based on the mentee’s needs and interests, as well as on what works best for them.

The program begins and ends with a 90-minute breakfast in the mentee’s school.
Flexible Program Models: You choose the best model for you.
Traditional Mentoring

One-on-one mentor/mentee match.

Matches meet between January and June.

Expanded Mentoring

One-on-one mentor/mentee match.

Matches meet between January and December.

Beyond School Time Mentoring

One-on-one mentor/mentee match.

Matches meet between January and June or January and December.

Mentor/mentee meetings are almost exclusively outside school hours.

Taunton Alternative HS (TAHS) Mentoring

One-on-one mentor/mentee match.

Matches meet between October and June.

In addition to Traditional Mentoring, matches take part in 8-2 hour sessions between October & February.

Bridge to STEM Employment (BTSE) Mentoring

One-on-one to up to three-on-one mentor/mentee matches.

Matches meet between January and December.

The focus is on careers, learning and experiences related to STEM.
Mentor Requirements
Participation in a 90-minute Training & Orientation

Documents – The following documents need to be completed, signed and submitted:

CORI - (SORI is also required for Bristol County Agricultural HS) –

Career Mentor Program Registration Forms.

Proof of automobile insurance.
Contact TASC’s Career Mentoring Coordinator, Trish O’Brien, at Tobrien@ahsinc.org or 508/880/0202 x 409, to learn more about Becoming a Career Mentor.
TASC is a program of Associates for Human Services, Inc., a Taunton-based non-profit founded 44 years ago. Questions about TASC? Contact Program Director Dan LeBrun at 508-880-0202, ext 408, or dlebrun@ahsinc.org

Activities and Athletics:
  • Boys Basketball: Bristol-Aggie 53 vs Rising Tide 29- The Chieftains defeated Rising Tide.  Kobe Brierly led the way for B-A with 16 points. Jake Bentley chipped in with 15 points.
  • Girls Basketball: Southeastern 51 vs Bristol-Aggie 33- The Chieftains lost a non-league contest against Southeastern.  Tiffany Cabral led the way for BA with a team-high 25 points. Cabral also became the all-time leader in points scored with 766, surpassing the mark set by Hannah Rodgers (760).  Victoria Gonsalves added added four points while Katie Roy and Kennedy Alves each added a bucket.
  • GSA: 2.30pm B23, presentation this week on the topic of Harvey Milk, first openly gay American politician who was elected to the San Francisco board of Supervisors, presented by Alexis Wells, all are welcome!

Week Ahead- A Week
  • Monday, December 24-Friday, December 28- NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, December 31- No School
  • Tuesday, January 1- No School
  • Wednesday, January 2- SCHOOL is BACK in session
  • Thursday, January 3
    • Extends: 2:30-4:00 pm (Library)
  • Friday, January 4

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